We work with engineers who are experienced in Blockchain technologies as well as other more common programming languages. Some were born in the world of the web, while others come from native platform and application development marketplace. We have in-house talent, as well as consultant talent as required for our clients, and follow strict security protocols for our assignments.

The important thing to take-away is that we know how to build the underlying Blockchain as well as the Application that lives on top. So whether you are looking to simply build an app that runs on Ethereum or looking to build your own Blockchain, we can help facilitate those discussions and help build your team of engineers.

Development Process

Our Process Detailed


Step 1 :: Understanding The Problem

The life cycle of the product and how it will exist within the Blockchain eco-system is the most important step.

• How will this project benefit the Blockchain eco-system?

• Is this a new blockchain or is this a program that runs on an existing blockchain like Ethereum?


Step 2 :: Develop a White Paper & Roadmap

Planning the development of the project, setting expectations for investors, and determining a reasonable timeline are all important parts of executing a successful Blockchain project, not dissimilar from building any other software.

• What language will the project be developed in, and is that a language that allows for other developers to easily add to it? 

• Does the client have enough resources to power the development both during and after launch?

• What does the long term programming plan look like for the development team?


Step 3 :: Budget & Resources

Once the Technology and Roadmap questions are answered, it is important for the team to determine how the project will be funded.

• Will the project require a private investor,  hedge fund, or would the project be a better fit for an offering. These questions are all important parts of the process.


Step 4 :: Development & Testing

The real exciting part of every project, is when we build it. Some things to keep in mind during this process include:

• Is the development team adhering to the White Paper and specifications of the project?

• Are there appropriate measures in place to adequately test during iterations?


Step 5 :: Community Launch

Once the project is ready for the community, we launch it via GitHub.

• Generally, projects are only as strong as their community, which is why that is a core focus of The Ledger Agency.